Spring Cove - Manly, Sydney NSW

Animation Completed at Our Vision

Spring Cove is an award winning campaign from Our Agency and Our Vision. Picking up an Award for Excellence in Marketing at UDIA NSW awards 2014. This is animation was a landmark piece in Sydney utilising the latest Cineflex camera system to capture a spectacular harbour front location that cannot be repeated.  

Mezzo - Glebe, Sydney NSW

Animation Completed at Our Vision. 

Using a mix of technologies to deliver the project very quickly, we utilised UAV & helicopter shots to set the scene, beautiful lifestyle photography from Our Agency, CGI’s and animation. Everything was brought together in a full HD ~2 min film by myself and the team at Our Vision. After a very solid marketing campaign the project sold extremely well.

Harbourfront - Balmain, Sydney NSW

Animation Completed at Our Vision

A stunning location in Balmain which we took advantage of with an epic UAV shot which I later tracked and composited the site into. This set the mood for the remainder of the animation. Harbourfront sold extremely well and was featured in Sydney Morning Herald

The Point - Breakfast Point, Sydney NSW

Animation Completed at Our Vision

The Point is a bespoke set of 6 house in Breakfast Point, Sydney. At Our Vision we created this simple short animation to show case the unique location and properties. Once again we used UAV photography to add a cinematic quality to the animation.  

Highpoint - Hurstville, Sydney NSW

Animation Completed at Our Vision

A great example of an excellent campaign from Our Agency. Our animation was presented front and center within the campaign which ultimately led to the unprecedented result of $140 millon sold in one day.

1 Denison St - North Sydney

Animation Completed at Our Vision

Commercial development in North Sydney that featured a unique facade. Interestingly, this was one the first jobs I rendered on my propriety Amazon EC2 solution which worked great. Most of the animation was rendered over night.