Cortex by David Mackenzie

I thought this was worth a mention. The guys at Ephere have been working on an exciting project that looks quite promising. What looks like a node interface for creating plug-ins for max has the potential to make the SDK even more accessible to artists and TDs. I am assuming the plug-ins it creates are using their .Net wrapper for the SDK. I have to say that it is great to see these guys continuing to add great products to max. I really like that they seem to also focus on making it easier for TDs to be able to solve problems, there .Net wrapper (which the Autodesk's .Net wrapper is based on) has made my life MUCH easier. I have been able to bust out new tools and plug-ins much faster (perhaps 2-3x) than using the standard SDK.

Check it out below:

In any case it certainly looks exciting. Will watch this space.