Neat Video, Render noise reduction. by David Mackenzie

Neat Video

I have recently being using Neat Video and I have to say I supremely impressed with the results. It works great on video footage as I would expect and it also works REALLY well to clean up renders that have had to low subdivs on reflections etc... The video below is an example that was rendered in Max/V-Ray and you can clearly see on some shaders the subdivs were to low.  I ran it through Neat Video which cleaned/removed 98% of the noise in the reflections. See for your self below: [flv: 600 337]

I have now used it on a couple projects (one were it saved our a**) which I can not show just yet. I will however post them up when I can.

You can check Neat Video Here. We bought the version for OpenFX hosts (Fusion in this case) for $199USD which is WELL worth it!