Spring Cove Manly - Our Vision by David Mackenzie

Spring Cove Manly
Spring Cove Manly

We finished this project up last year and so far it has been very well received. Spring Cove is a very high end development in Manly, possibly one of the best harbour locations in Sydney. Consisting of Apartments, town homes and houses. Our Vision was responsible for all of the work in the film. We shot the Helicopter footage on a Cineflex system the footage was then tracked in Syntheyes with roto and compositing being down in Fusion. All the CG shots where rendered in V-Ray. Any way, enough out of me, check out the clip below.

You can check more of Our Vision's work here and on YouTube here.

Suzuki Grand Designs TVC by David Mackenzie

Suzuki Grand Vitara TVC

Towards the end of last year we (Our Vision) were engaged to create a Grand Designs inspired TVC for Suzuki who are sponsors of Grand Designs Australia. As usual we had a tight timeline to turn it around in. The animation went from previz to final in one week, over the next week we rendered an comped. We used our own animation rig on the car that I wrote sometime ago which let me animate it very quickly. The rig I guess is a cross between simulation and straight animation which lets us have total control over all parts of he car.

[flv:http://daveandgoliath.com/wp-content/video/Suzuki_Final.flv 600 337]

Below is the first render test we did with animation on the car. I actually preferred this camera animation but we thought it was a bit much for the subject matter and in hindsight I think we were right.

[flv:http://daveandgoliath.com/wp-content/video/Suzuki_Render_Test.flv 600 337]

You can see all the work Our Vision has done for Grand Designs Australia and the Suzuki Grand Vitara TVC on Lifestyle channel.


'For the times they are a-changin' by David Mackenzie


Hi Everyone, I wanted to let everyone know that I am now the Technical Director at Our Vision. We are a Sydney based studio in Potts Point.  I am looking forward to working with such a talented, passionate and motivated team.

So if you have been wondering why I had not updated, now you know why. I have many more updates coming including my GML importer, additional updates to the hotbox and some small scripts that I use regularly.  I will also be writing about some of the new tools that I will be developing for Our Vision, including a very large tool called Bruce. Bruce is a complete database driven library management system.

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