New city, new job, new challenges by David Mackenzie

After almost 5 years as the Technical Director at Our Vision I decided it was time for a new challenge. So earlier this month I packed up and moved to less sunny and certainly colder than Sydney, Melbourne and took a position as Technical Director at Squint Opera. 

I thought now was a good time to reflect on some of the achievements Our Vision has had over the years, in particular:

  • Our award winning campaign and film for Spring Cove. 
  • The 5 (or is it more??) seasons of Grand Designs Australia we have completed. 
  • The tools, the many, many tools we created that gave us a incredible animation pipeline that has enabled us to bat well above our weight for years. 
  • The Renovators tv show that saw us work around the clock and produce animation for 5 houses in a week.
  • Also, the some odd 300 projects we completed! 

I should also mention the many hundreds for beers consumed. I wish Our Vision all the best for the future. It was pleasure to work with the team over the years. 

Now onwards and upwards!! Many new and infinitely exciting challenges lay ahead. 

Since I only know about 3 people down here in Melbourne any 3d guys who want to catch for beers get in touch!