100 Bloody Acres by David Mackenzie

100 Bloody Acres Shot Gun
100 Bloody Acres Shot Gun

Occasionally I feel the need to watch a horror flick and it just so happened I had recently read about a film called 100 Bloody Acres so I decided to check it out. After watching I was VERY happy that I did, a great blend of horror and comedy that was executed really well.

Check out the trailer below


Heads up, there's a rant below!

When I was doing some Googling for this post I found a very disheartening article on Sydney Morning Herald which really hit home on a number of thoughts I have about both the content industry and the software industry. The article highlights how piracy does actually hurt people. The usual excuse of "Its made by some XYZ Hollywood studio so who cares" does not fly in this case.This small independent film was being downloaded (illegally) ~2000 times a day. I really fear that films like this will not be made in the future. I also share the same thoughts on software, in any case people still have to sit down and write code or shoot a film and it all costs money and creators should be paid for efforts. I only mention it because in my experience 3d artists are prolific pirates even though we are generally employed in some way to create content.. Go figure. It's one thing to pirate 3d software when you are a starving student artist but when you start working, you should pay for your tools the same way a mechanic does, this goes for studios as well. How many studios are under licensed? Which is immensely frustrating to studios that are trying to do everything by the book.

End rant now.

I encourage you to go buy the film as it really is a great little film, plus you get to support small independent film makers. You can check it out here on iTunes. I think this review on rotten tomatoes sums it up:

A highly amusing little horror movie, elevated by uncommonly layered performances, not to mention the voluminous amount of fake blood spewed, limbs torn apart, oddball sex scenes, and one particularly amusing drug trip.

Simon Miraudo