Life After Pi by David Mackenzie

Hollywood Ending
Hollywood Ending

As many of you are no doubt aware last year R&H went bust and then a week late they won an Oscar. I am not going to go into much more detail about the sequence of events that took place before and after the Oscars as it has been very well covered in the 3d and vfx community. Well, this week or a few weeks ago a documentary came out called the Life After Pi. I encourage all of you to watch it. No doubt, as content creators we can all learn this something from this documentary. Check out the documentary below:

I do have some thoughts on the documentary and the situation in general but I have to say what really needs to change is the business model above all else. Subsidies are always going to exist whether we agree with them or not but the business model can change. The other thing I wanted to mention is that other studios outside of VFX routinely face similar problems. Being forced to quote/bid projects at X and then being held to X cost no matter what. As an industry at large this is something we need to solve, however, it is hard when we are forced to compete against studios and freelancers running pirated software who underpay students and in general devalue our entire industry. That's my two cents.

Check out the doco and share it around it. Its a great insight into what was a great a studio.