Infocenter WHAT?? by David Mackenzie


No Infocenter!  

I hate the infocenter in max. I also hate the big "M" button they added when they removed the file menu (this file menu can at least be easily add back). I can understand Autodesk changing/adding these things as they decrease the learning curve for new users which is great as the more accessible Max is to new  users the better.

But none the less, people like myself that have been beating max in to doing what we want for many years no might not always appreciate these small "enhancements". If it where up to me I imagine max would still look exactly the same as version 2009 before they added all UI tweaks.  So it was with much excitement when a collegue of mine at Ourvision flicked me a link to a script that removed it. As soon as I looked at the 4 or so lines of codes I realised this is something I should had have thought of a long time ago.

None the less if you like to remove the info center check out the script below:

 Close Infocenter

If you would also like to remove the buttons that are to the right of the big "M" button you can use this version below:

( controlshwnds=windows.getChildrenHWND #max; InfoCenter=for c in controlshwnds where c[5]=="InfoCenterHwndSource" collect c; QATWind=for c in controlshwnds where c[5]=="QATHwndSource" collect c; try(UIAccessor.CloseDialog InfoCenter[1][1])catch(); try(UIAccessor.CloseDialog QATWind[1][1])catch(); )


No Buttons!

Both of these scripts should be placed in your scripts/startup directory. I have not found away to turn off the big "M" yet, if anyone knows how to I would be very interested in hearing about it.