Highpoint Animation - Our Vision Sydney by David Mackenzie

Highpoint Hurstville
Highpoint Hurstville

Last year Our Vision complete an animation for Highpoint project in Hurstville. This animation was turned around pretty quickly and came together without much trouble at all. Along with the film, Our Vision also produced a number high res still images. The project was created with 3dsmax and rendered in V-Ray as usual.

You can check out the film below:

Custom S5 - Everything is better in black by David Mackenzie

Custom Audi S5

This is a quick render I did the other day. It was rendered in V-Ray and comped in Fusion. My only thought when I started this image was everything looks better in black which is definitely true when it comes to cars. The gold stag on the number plate is the Mackenzie stag. I will have a making of it online in the next few days.

Would love to hear what everyone things.

Update. Here is short making of/review of the HDR I used for the image. 

Ocean Water Test - HOT4MAX by David Mackenzie

Hot4Max Render Test

So a little while ago I wrote a quick article about a plugin I purchased called HOT4MAX . Long story short, this a very short render test of the plugin. I put the test together in about an hour, as you can no doubt tell by the camera animation. I can report, that the plugin really does work well. I have been very impressed with it. For the record I rendered the shot with V-Ray and comped it in Fusion.

If I get a chance in the next few weeks I will do another test with water spray and some interaction with the surface. I am interested to see how far I can push it as I have a couple shots in mind that I would like to put together.

If you need to do some ocean shots or renders then I highly recommend HOT4MAX. You can get the plugin here.

Spring Cove Manly - Our Vision by David Mackenzie

Spring Cove Manly
Spring Cove Manly

We finished this project up last year and so far it has been very well received. Spring Cove is a very high end development in Manly, possibly one of the best harbour locations in Sydney. Consisting of Apartments, town homes and houses. Our Vision was responsible for all of the work in the film. We shot the Helicopter footage on a Cineflex system the footage was then tracked in Syntheyes with roto and compositing being down in Fusion. All the CG shots where rendered in V-Ray. Any way, enough out of me, check out the clip below.

You can check more of Our Vision's work here and on YouTube here.

Grand Designs Australia - Our Vision by David Mackenzie

Grand Designs
Grand Designs

This is a quick look some the of the animation work for Grand Designs Australia that we have created over the last 4 series at Our Vision.

Series 1:


Series 2:


Series 3:


Series 4:

As you can imagine we have a pretty solid workflow for creating these now. We have great proprietary animation tool that really helps us bust them out in timely fashion.  You can check out more of Our Visions work here and on Youtube here. The show is on Life Style here in Australia and if you get a chance to check it out I highly recommend it.