EXPERIMENTAL: An Idea Is Born by David Mackenzie

An Idea Is Born

I am calling this one an experimental video as it was done very quickly (in less than a day). Very simply, I think it is a visualisation of where or how an idea is created. If nothing else it is a little bit of eye candy. Below is the clip and underneath that is a little compositing breakdown. Lately I have really been enjoying just creating things fast and crudely to quickly explore the idea, I can always go and polish something after it is done but often and idea or inspiration will fade quickly so I figure better to create right away albeit crudely sometimes while inspired then not at all.

Here is the clip: 


The flower shot below was rendered with 3dsmax and V-Ray. All of the compositing was done in Digital Fusion. The final shot at the end was entirely done in Fusion.

And the breakdown:

Aston Martin short/tvc/video thingo... by David Mackenzie


So I thought I would start the new year off with some making of clips from a little animation I have been working on. It was inspired as you no doubt will be able to tell by Joseph Kosinski's Black Bird spot that he made some years ago. I have always liked it and thought I would use it as the basis of this project. Anyways check out the clips below, I hope you enjoy them and I would love to hear any feedback you have.

Audi S5 Burnout by David Mackenzie


Audi S5 Burnout Image This a scene I put together a year or so ago to show case my new car rig. It is a very simple animation with only a few key frames used to generate the animation, everything else is handled by the rig. You can see the animation in the below. Keen observers will notice that the one of the front wheels does intersect the body work, this however was my fault for not setting the limits correctly.

I have also included a quick compositing brake down after the animation. I am happy to say that as soon as we get some time to prepare the rig for distribution we will make it available to everyone.



Hope you guys liked it.



Shooting with XDCAM EX by David Mackenzie


Hi Everyone, We got a hold of a SONY PMW EX1 for a new project that we are shooting. This is third or forth time I have shot on XDCAM and I have to say that each time I do I am more impressed the. This time around we had to get some night shots that would really test the cameras low light performance.

As usual the performance of the camera was great when we finally got our plates into post we were pleasantly surprise with the quality and the lack noise in the shots.  I will say though you really do want to make sure that you get the shot that you need in the camera after all its recording an MPEG based format at 4:2:0. That footage is great just dont expect a couple of stops worth of play in post.

Check out the sample below to get an idea, I will upload a full res plate later so you can download it and check it out yourself. If you are wondering our project was not to go and shoot Lunar Park either, when I am allowed to show you what we really shot I will!

[flv: 600 337]

Cheers, Dave

GML Importer by David Mackenzie


We were very inspired by what we saw over at so we decided to write a GML importer for 3ds max. We where pretty happy with the very quick tests we have done. The tool is almost finished at which point we will release it. We are always in support of open formats and GML (Graffiti Markup Language) is not an exception. All of the test where created by the script which has options to produce spline shapes, animated objects, a simple particle flow setup (that's in the video) and point clouds. If you have any thoughts on what would be good to add just let me know.

Would love to hear what you guys think. Be sure to check our and

[flv: 547 308]

We are also adding support for Digital Fusion and Nuke we may add AE support all though we do not use it a great deal.



Incursion by David Mackenzie


Incursion was a cinematic style animation created at Ivolve Studios.  The image above is the final grade and look. The image below was the initial grade and look that we went with, after while I felt as though it needed more atmosphere so I added the rain and did the regrade in fusion.

All of the buildings and assets in the scene are low-res assets built for real time use.  All of the assets had where built high res to create normal and specular maps we also backed allot of the lighting into the textures as well. Overall the result was quite good as usual if we had more time we could had have gotten allot more out of the scene but for two weeks work I think it came out quite well.  You can check out the videos below.

The final shot: [flv: 613 308]

Compositing breakdown: [flv: 613 308]

Modeling breakdown: [flv: 613 308]