Blackmagic NAB 2015 Announcements / by David Mackenzie

Lets be honest I am Blackmagic Design fan, I own a BMPCC, I own Fusion and I love Resolve. I have to say that Blackmagic's announcements from NAB are pretty bloody exciting. 

Lets start with cameras. The URSA now has a 4.6k sensor option that features a global shutter, 15 stops of range (1 stop less in global shutter mode) along with some good slow motion features. Nice. They also announced three new cameras:  

  • The URSA Mini which is similar to its big brother but in a smaller lighter all magnesium body. It is available with the 4.6k sensor option for $5K USD. I think that is pretty solid offering. 
  • The Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera which looks great. I do a lot of drone work I would love to be getting RAW footage off a camera with a global shutter. I am really digging this one. 
  • Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K. This camera looks great as well but since I don't really do any studio work ill hold off on an opinion. 

The product I am most excited about is there new monitor. I have been in the market for a monitor and had been considering something from SmallHD. However, this monitor looks pretty good, 5" full HD touch screen with ProRes and DNxHD recording built in. The price $495 USD, take my money now!

The two announcements that will have the most impact on my day however, is Fusion 8 which is coming to Mac, I have wanted to run Fusion on MBP for years so I am very excited about this. No doubt there will be some other new features for Fusion 8 as well. 

Resolve 12 looks awesome, I think I am now ready to do away with Premiere and just use Resolve for editing, I already like to use it for grading so why not. Plus I am getting tired of paying $50 and month for Creative Cloud, all I use PS and Premiere...

What I am really excited about though are the pipeline implications. From acquisition on cameras through ingest and rough cut in Resolve,  push the shots out through Fusion for post and extra work and come full circle back to Resolve for finishing. It seems me that this is a very nice workflow that maintains the same colour science the entire way. Awesome.