It's new website time! / by David Mackenzie

Its a new year and a new website. I have had loads of emails about download links for my scripts and I am happy to report that they will be back online very shortly.

My old site was wordpress based and after years spending too much time making sure wordpress was updated along with all of its plugins my final straw was pulled at the end of last year when a plugin I was using for managing downloads was orphaned by its developer. So long story short rather fix the old site I made the decision to migrate platform and build a new site. I apologise for any inconvenience any of you have had while looking for scripts.  

Over the next week or so the website will probably change a little bit and be updated to massage any teething problems. 

Hopefully this year I will keep my site updated on weekly basis (thats the plan at least). I wish you all a great new year.