Fusion 7.5, aww yeah. / by David Mackenzie


blockbusters As someone who has owned a Fusion seat for years now I was very excited to hear  Blackmagic Design had bought Eyeon, to be honest Fusion 7 had taken a long time to materialise and I was faced with the choice between coughing up some coin to upgrade to Fusion 7 or just jumping ship Nuke. I have to confess Nuke really was on the cards for me personally and especially after the Nuke Studio announcement which I saw as a future upgrade path. However, after the announcement that Black Magic purchased Eyeon all bets where off, I already own a Blackmagic Camera and I have come to love using Resolve for grading and now editing with the latest release.  So, long story short I am pretty happy with Blackmagic's relaunch for Fusion. As with Resolve there is a completely useable free version for Windows, the only real limitations are network rendering and open FX which not quite a deal breaker for me. With that said though, I am definitely going to get studio seat, I just hope that there is an upgrade path for existing Fusion licenses owners. Check out the site here, I highly recommend Fusion I have being using it for years.