EXPERIMENTAL: An Idea Is Born / by David Mackenzie

An Idea Is Born

I am calling this one an experimental video as it was done very quickly (in less than a day). Very simply, I think it is a visualisation of where or how an idea is created. If nothing else it is a little bit of eye candy. Below is the clip and underneath that is a little compositing breakdown. Lately I have really been enjoying just creating things fast and crudely to quickly explore the idea, I can always go and polish something after it is done but often and idea or inspiration will fade quickly so I figure better to create right away albeit crudely sometimes while inspired then not at all.

Here is the clip: 


The flower shot below was rendered with 3dsmax and V-Ray. All of the compositing was done in Digital Fusion. The final shot at the end was entirely done in Fusion.

And the breakdown: