3dsmax Update - The Game Changing .Net SDK Wrapper / by David Mackenzie

I was very please to read what will be in the next 3dsmax Subscription Advantage pack due out in late September. Autodesk has added some very welcome new features including:

  • Render Pass System, which lets you brake down your scene into render passes. It has a great interface for managing this including an intuitive tree view for creating and updating states.
  • Adobe After Effects Interoperability. This is great addition when used with the Render Pass System. It provides a very powerful method to interchange data between AE and Max. Including renders, objects, lights and cameras.
  • Active Shade iray. This update lets you use iray for active shade. Not really excited by this as I do not use iray.

While all of these are great additions to max, I am really excited about is the inclusion of the .Net wrapper for the SDK. For those of us who spend a great deal of time writing tools for artists this really opens up a new world for we can do and how quickly we can do it. I might sound silly but it really is a game changer, often when writing tool you are faced with a junction where you either come up with a work around or you hit the SDK. Often the need to hit the SDK is only for something simple but it is still a massive effort. Most of the time TD's just opt to avoid the SDK and just go with a work around.

3ds Max 2012 Render Passes/State Sets
3ds Max 2012 Render Passes/State Sets

Having a simple interface to much of Max's SDK really does open up a lot of doors for TD's. I have to admit I this is the most excited about a max release I have been in since they added pflow.

I have added the videos below, you can check out the original article


Render Passes/State Sets

ActiveShade for iray