Hot Box Source / by David Mackenzie

Maya Style HotBox for 3dsmax
Maya Style HotBox for 3dsmax

I was recently asked if I could give out the source code to my Hot Box which I have decided to do. I had planned to develop it a lot further but time got the better of me. Starting a new job and jumping straight back into production meant that I had to abandon it. Truth be told I was always going to give away the source. I like to give back to the community that I have learned so much from, however, it was a messy hack and I decided to encrypt it. I have since done quite a lot of work to expand it and I am planning on using it as an interface to all the tools I have written at Our Vision. Unfortunately, I am cannot distribute that to the public I will, however, show some screen shots so you can see what can be done with this kind of interface.

The more I played with the hot box the more I realised that max did not need one. I am sure there are plenty of people who disagree. I do, however, really like this technique for creating an interface for suites of tools.

Feel free to download it below. I would ask that if you use this to create some thing cool or use it in production please let me know. Consider it to be Quoteware.

You can download it here.