Select Objects By Material Name / by David Mackenzie


As the name implies this is a simple script for selecting objects based on the name of the material assigned to them. I originally wrote the tool to deal with a sketch up file that was exported for 3ds max. When it came in it had thousands of objects each with their own material, this made it very difficult to work with the file. The script supports wild cards. For example if you have objects with material names like "AC01_GLASS_01", "AC02_GLASS_02" etc. you can drop in wild cards at the start and end such as "*GLASS*". This will select the objects that have "GLASS" in the name of the object's assigned material.

Select Objects By Material Name
Select Objects By Material Name

You can download the script below.

I also wrote another script that works quite well with this one. It makes collapsing geometry a lot easier, faster and more reliable. Anyone who has used the collapse tool with a large object count, knows how much of a pain the ass it can be. I will upload Super Collapse soon.



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