Shooting with XDCAM EX / by David Mackenzie


Hi Everyone, We got a hold of a SONY PMW EX1 for a new project that we are shooting. This is third or forth time I have shot on XDCAM and I have to say that each time I do I am more impressed the. This time around we had to get some night shots that would really test the cameras low light performance.

As usual the performance of the camera was great when we finally got our plates into post we were pleasantly surprise with the quality and the lack noise in the shots.  I will say though you really do want to make sure that you get the shot that you need in the camera after all its recording an MPEG based format at 4:2:0. That footage is great just dont expect a couple of stops worth of play in post.

Check out the sample below to get an idea, I will upload a full res plate later so you can download it and check it out yourself. If you are wondering our project was not to go and shoot Lunar Park either, when I am allowed to show you what we really shot I will!

[flv: 600 337]

Cheers, Dave