GML Importer / by David Mackenzie


We were very inspired by what we saw over at so we decided to write a GML importer for 3ds max. We where pretty happy with the very quick tests we have done. The tool is almost finished at which point we will release it. We are always in support of open formats and GML (Graffiti Markup Language) is not an exception. All of the test where created by the script which has options to produce spline shapes, animated objects, a simple particle flow setup (that's in the video) and point clouds. If you have any thoughts on what would be good to add just let me know.

Would love to hear what you guys think. Be sure to check our and

[flv: 547 308]

We are also adding support for Digital Fusion and Nuke we may add AE support all though we do not use it a great deal.